Our Mission
Is Your Mission

We are storytellers, marketers, writers, strategists, editors and animators.

We bring a technical expertise and artistic expression that is second to none. But our best work happens when we take ourselves out of the equation. Get out of the way of the work. Allow for discovery.

We’re not the heroes of this story—you are. It’s your employees, your funders, your volunteers and your executive leadership whose brilliant minds, ideas and actions should shine through.

Think of us as an extension of your own team— ghostwriters for your company or cause. We can promise it will be fun, surprising, and that you’ll be amazed by the incredible power of film to get to the heart of the matter and be a tool for change.

We Make Films People Feel Strongly About.


Ron Goldfarb
Ron Goldfarb: President / Creative Director
Tony Weber
Tony Weber: CEO
Vic DiAngelo: COO

Meet The Team

Kyle Stanley: Art Director / Editor
Annie Murmann: Writer / Producer
Nina Rossi
Nina Rossi: Production Manager
Josh Heese: Editor
Joshua Kubicek: Producer
Tyler Vig: Production Assistant