Steve Lidrbauch

Steve is a team player with an ability to edit both the emotionally moving as well as the statistically informative alike with his keen eye for graphics and his calculated project organization. Between his love of problem-solving and his notoriety as a champion Googler, Steve is always eager to find just the right solution for […]

Tanja Bartulovic

Tanja is a writer and marketer whose sharpened skillset is perfectly complemented by her creative passion. Tanja’s moxie is evident in every part of her work flow, allowing her to help clients tell their stories in an innovative yet strategic way. This strong communicator has the ability to listen and connect with people, often uncovering […]

Josh Heese

Josh loves a creative challenge, whether it’s crafting a story from hours of footage, jumping behind the camera or developing visually compelling graphics. His favorite thing about the medium of film is its power to transport the viewer and make an impact.

Nina Rossi

Nina Rossi

Nina is an organizer, planner, convenor and the glue that holds our office together. As the shop’s logistical mastermind, she wields her background in project management, marketing and production to internal and external projects alike. Her superpowers are her daring enthusiasm and inventive thinking. 

Kyle Stanley

Kyle’s unparalleled vision, style and artistry bring our clients’ stories to life. His motion design and animation work has become synonymous with Goldfarb Weber and has won the firm numerous Addys, Tellys and Emmys. Kyle’s creative direction allows our team to reach new heights of storytelling across industries.

Vic DiAngelo

For over two decades, Vic has edited and produced some of Goldfarb Weber Creative Media’s most compelling work, winning numerous awards in the process. His technical skills and ability to leverage new technologies keeps GW at the forefront of digital filmmaking.

Joshua Kubicek

Joshua is the Swiss Army Knife of producers. Whether he’s connecting with a client, working on a stylized edit or piloting our drone for that perfect aerial shot, he truly is a multi-tool player with a gift for engaging viewers.

Tony Weber

Tony Weber

Tony believes in providing a customer experience that is second to none. He is passionate about social justice and is adept at using the medium of film to advocate for our clients and their interests. Tony is also a tireless promoter of Cleveland. He’s been a champion of our region’s arts and culture as well […]

Ron Goldfarb

Ron Goldfarb

Ron is a passionate and fearless leader who strengthens our creative product at every turn. He has produced and directed corporate presentations, TV spots, broadcast documentaries, installation films and music videos. His work has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in capital for numerous non-profit organizations. As a result of Ron’s leadership, the company received […]