We Make Films
People Feel Strongly About.

When is a video production company not a video production company? When it’s also a visual storytelling firm. A digital content factory. An art house. A strategic communications company. We’re all about broadening definitions, expanding horizons. Sure, the work is creative, but so is the way we deliver it. Our heads are in the digital space but our feet have been firmly planted on the ground in Cleveland, Ohio for more than 40 years.

Recent Work

As a company - and as citizens of this country - our mission is to tell the stories that make us question status quo, lift us up, and encourage us to love each other. We have continued our #Rethink series with The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio and are inviting all of you to #RethinkAmerican.

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GWVR is a division of GW Creative Media, a Cleveland-based visual storytelling firm with over 40 years of filmmaking expertise. Curious and creative, passionate and practical, GWVR combines time-tested storytelling techniques with the latest in immersive technology!